Chaperone Policy

If you would like a Chaperone present during your consultation then please advise the receptionist when booking your appointment or when checking in.


Ethnic Minorities

If your first language is not English or if you know of someone who would prefer to use their first language in a consultation we are happy to accommodate by having a third party present during the consultation -  Please make reception aware of this when booking your consultation

COVID-19 Impact on Chaperone Policy

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are trying to limit the amount of patients entering the surgery at any one time.
Becuase of this, the use of chaperones during appointments is at the discretion of the Doctor/Nurse that you are seeing.

Masks must be worn throughout the duration of your appointment.
If you forget your mask, we are able to supply you with one. Just ask a member of the reception team upon arrival at the surgery.
Along with masks, we are also able to supply face-shields for those patients who are unable to wear a mask.