What is Indigestion?

Indigestion (Sometimes refered to as heartburn or acid reflux) is when acid from your stomach comes up and into your throat. This creates a burning feeling in the throat area

What are the symptoms of indigestion?

The common symptoms of indigestion are/can be;

 - Feeling full and bloated
 - Belching or passing gas
 - Heartburn (burning sensation in the chest/throat area
 - Bringing up bitter tasting fluids or food in your mouth
 - Feeling sick

*Stomach ache or back pain are not normally associated symptoms of indigestion. If you have those symptoms, you may be constipated


How do I treat Indigestion?

There is usually no need to see a GP about indigestion. There are several things at home that can assist;

 -  Prop your head and shoulders up in bed. This can stop stomach acid coming up in your sleep.
 - Cut down on tea, coffee, cola or alcohol
 - lose weight, if you're overweight (Use the NHS BMI calculator to work this out)

 - Smoke
 - Have rich, spicy or fatty foods
 - Take ibuprofen or aspirin (This can make indigestion worse)
 - Eat 3 to 4 hours before going to bed

You can treat indigestion with over the counter medications

Most supermarkets, shops and pharmacies sell over the counter antacids such as TUMS, Rennies, Gaviscon

Pregnant women with indigestion

It is common for indigestion from 27 weeks onwards.
This is normally caused by hormonal changes and the growing baby pressing agianst your stomach.
A pharmacist can recommend the best medicines to use when you are pregnant

If you are unsure which medication is the best/suitable for you, speak with to pharmacist

Pharmacists can help with indigestion

A pharmacist can recommend medicines to ease the burning sensation or pain that comes with indigestion.


Speak with a GP if you;

 - Are repeatedly suffering with indigestion
 - Are in severe pain
 - Are 55 or older
 - Have lost a lot of weight without meaning to
 - Having difficulty swallowing (Also known as dysphagia)
 - Keep being sick
 - Feel like you have a lump in your stomach
 - Have blood in your vomit or stool