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Who is a veteran?

  • Veterans include anyone who has served for at least one day in the Armed Forces  (Regular or Reserve)

  • By far the majority serve over 10 years




Armed Forces Covenant 

  • Understanding of the veteran community & potential health problems

  • Awareness of and how to sign-post or refer to appropriate veteran-specific services

  • Request priority treatment for health problems partially or wholly attributable to military service


Why are veterans treated as a special group?

  • Service in the Armed Forces is different from other occupations

  • Relinquish civil liberties and put themselves in harm's way to protect others

  • Risk of serious injury is substantially increased

  • 52% of veterans have a long-term illness/disability which is higher than in the general adult population (35%)

  • "Leaving the military introduces a rupture across all levels" - TRIAD study, King's College London, January 2021


Veterans Mental Health

  • UK veterans who served at time of recent military operations were more likely than non-veterans to report higher prevalence of:

    • Common mental health disorders 23 v's 16%

    • PTSD 8%, rising to 17% of those deployed to combat roles in Iraq & Afghanistan v's 5%

    • Alcohol misuse 10% v's 5%

    • Delayed presentation - average of 4 years for veterans to come forward about mental health



The Veterans Mental Health & Wellbeing Service - Please click here

  • Veteran's Transition, Intervention & Liason Service (TILS)

  • Veteran's Complex Treatment Service (CTS)

  • High Intensity Service (HIS) - crisis in need of urgent care


Veteran's Trauma Network

  • Serious injuries and long-term physical, mental or neurological health condition and disability

  • VTN works with DMS, national centres of clinical expertise, NHS Veterans mental health, key charities

  • Personalised care approach

  • Referral by email from GP


Veteran's Gateway

  • Veteran's Gateway - 24/7 phoneline - Please click here

  • First point of contact for welfare needs including housing, finances, employment, physical and mental wellbeing


Veterans eligible for priority NHS treatment

  • For conditions partially or wholly attributed to military service

  • High proportion of MSK and hearing problems amongst veterans